The NLign Analytics Platform

Inspection, maintenance, and manufacturing data has the potential to play a critical role in the carbon composite industry. Unfortunately, most of the time it doesn’t because it’s collected and organized in ways that make it difficult to use. If you’re not in control of that data, it’s probably controlling you.

The NLign Analytics platform transforms this data into actionable information by visualizing it in an intuitive 3D environment. This breakthrough approach reveals spatial relationships and other connections hidden in the data, helping you identify and act on critical information quickly.

Here are just a few of the benefits available to NLign™ users:

  • Dramatic time and cost savings
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Fast, accurate damage location
  • Improved first pass yield and reduced scrap
  • Fast confirmation of full non-destructive inspection (NDI) coverage
  • More efficient use of engineering time
  • “Big picture” data management
  • Secure, centralized archiving of new and legacy data
  • Easy integration with popular data formats (including paper)
  • Plus many more efficiency improvements in a familiar digital environment designed specifically for the unique challenges of carbon composites

More Information

View the NLign Introduction presentation to read more about the NLign Analytics Platform.

View the AFRL presentation ” Aircraft Management and Sustainment Using NDI Data Trending and Mapping Technologies” highlighting Etegent – NLIGN Analytics from a recent ASIP (Aircraft Structural Integrity Program) Conference

Flexible options to match your workflow

No matter how large or small your organization is, there’s an NLign configuration that’s right for you.


NLign for Enterprise supports a full team by providing a central repository for shared data that’s easily accessible on-site or via a virtual private network (VPN) connection.


Only have one or two team members who need data access? The NLign Analytics application gives you all the tools of NLign for Enterprise in a stand-alone application for a single computer.


Don’t want to maintain an your own data center? NLign’s cloud-based solution stores your data securely offsite, accessible from nearly anywhere in the world.

NLign Consulting

Streamline your organization’s transition to NLign Analytics with the full support of the team that developed it. We’ll help you transfer information from legacy database systems, interface with new or existing equipment, and provide training to get your stuff up and running quickly. Put our years of experience assisting leading private sector and government organizations to work for you.