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NLign Receives 2016 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award

Company recognized for demonstrating a 33 percent reduction in Material Review Board labor hours for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program CINCINNATI – December 21, 2016 – NLign Analytics, a division of Etegent Technologies, today announced that it has received the prestigious Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The award […]

2016 Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP) Conference Exhibitor

Etegent was an exhibitor at the 2016 Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP) Conference.  The ASIP conference is specifically designed to bring together the world leaders in the area of aircraft structural integrity and to disseminate information on state-of-the-art technologies for aircraft structures in both the military and civilian fleets.  2016 was the 32nd year of […]

Presentation on Effectively Using Digital Information and Tools to Revolutionize Maintenance and Sustainment

This presentation was given by the Air Force in March of 2016 and focuses on the need to improved software tools in the A/C Sustainment Maintenance (Mx) area. Among the tools advocated being used in the presentation is NLign because of its ability to represent the data in a visual form on the model, its […]

Presentation on Digital Thread for Material Review Board (DT4MRB) at AA&S Conference

This presentation regarding the Digital Thread for Material Review Board Processes aimed to link design and production data and analyses within integrated software tools to feed the MRB decision-making process was given at the 2016 AA&S conference at Grapevine, Texas in conjunction with the Air Force and Northrup Grumman.  This presentation highlighted NLign’s Photo Mapping […]

White Paper on Improving Damage and Repair Evaluation using Structural Data Visualization and Archival Techniques

Study on how the implementation of modern technologies were applied to the maintenance of the composite and metallic airframe components of the F/A-18 and E/A-18G Hornet, Super Hornet, and Growler platforms to increase engineering efficiency in an effort to maintain structural integrity of an aging fleet while minimizing excessive engineering workload and improving overall efficiency […]

NLign 6.5.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: Damage Mapping Adding ability to define reference lines for use in mapping. Adding ability to use reference lines and points to align images to models. Allowing users to use pictures that have already been aligned to create new trendables. Improving the magic wand tool to provide greater control and dynamic adjustment […]

NLign 6.4.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: Trendables EnhancementsAdding support for Link custom fields. Adding support for Date custom fields. Integrating the Trendable Creation Dialog into the Damage Mapping Wizard Moving the filter criteria menus for Named Region, Dynamic Region, and Trendable Type to the root of the menu. Improving Trendable query performance. Adding the ability to specify […]

NLign 6.3.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: Digital Cameras Allowing all users to view available Digital Cameras. Allowing the assignment of permissions for administration of Digital Cameras. Session Enhanced session validation report. Enabling user to delete all data in a folder. Appropriately set the default parameter selection when opening a session. Allowing user to bypass the session file […]

NLign 6.2.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: 3D Mouse Support (3DConnexion brand) Ability to draw on Model Ability to create Named Regions Ability to create Stored Views Allowing Trendable Location field is now Optional instead of Required Providing Asset Level Trendables (No Session or Serial entity required) Allow assignment of Trendable Location From Region Shape Allow assignment of […]

NLign 6.1.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: IGES Assembly Support Adding support for reading the assembly information from STEP and IGES files. Instead of the model being displayed as a single model, it will instead be a hierarchy of models to match the assembly layout. Each model in the assembly can be selected, hidden, turned transparent, etc., independently […]