Case Studies

White Paper on Improving Damage and Repair Evaluation using Structural Data Visualization and Archival Techniques

Study on how the implementation of modern technologies were applied to the maintenance of the composite and metallic airframe components of the F/A-18 and E/A-18G Hornet, Super Hornet, and Growler platforms to increase engineering efficiency in an effort to maintain structural integrity of an aging fleet while minimizing excessive engineering workload and improving overall efficiency […]

Trending Dimensional Information from CMM and Correlating it with Upstream Process Information

There are many fine CMM hardware and software capabilities available.  NLign’s intent is to not compete with any of them but rather to augment them by providing: • First, trending information over multiple part serial numbers, • And, discoveries of the relationship of CMM measurements to other process or inspection parameters such as tooling, layup, and autoclave  information.  This color preset illustrates the CMM measurements by […]

Digital Camera Based Composite Damage Mapping Case Study

NLign provides a solution to 3‐D damage localization that is faster and simpler than other approaches. This solution uses photogrammetric techniques to map damage onto a CAD model from a digital picture of the part.

Feature Location Case Study

The problem faced is that finding the root cause of composite machining problems—such as features machined in improper locations or delamination caused by tool wear can be a difficult challenge.  NLign improves the user’s machining accuracy by providing early identification of adverse quality trends.

Tool Related Porosity Case Study

The problem is that porosity problems were plaguing a major composite aerostructure program, creating rework and scrap losses costing millions of dollars.  By creating a 3-D model to allow the user to identify the flawed tool set, NLign’s user eliminated a recurring porosity problem and prevented millions of dollars in future scrap costs.

Extending the Lifespan of High-Performance Aircraft Case Study

The problem is that older high-performance Air Force aircrafts require regular wing inspections  because of their age and mission profiles.  NLign gives the Air Force a tool for discovering valuable insights in previously unused inspection data.

MRB Case Study

The problem is that one NLign user produces an extremely complex composite component, which is manufactured in multiple facilities.  This complexity combined with the intricacy of its manufacturing process makes it difficult to identify and trace defects.Using NLign to aggregate and fuse inspection data indexed to specific locations on the product inherently builds a historical […]