The History of NLign

NLign Analytics software was originally developed in 2007 to help the United States Air Force manage vast amounts of maintenance and repair data. Adapting Geolocation technologies used by GPS devices and services like Google Earth, NLign™ made data easier to access and analyze by mapping it to 3D digital models of physical components.

This innovative system was designed by the research and development team at Etegent Technologies, Ltd., under the direction of co-founder Tom Sharp. It quickly attracted the interest of other organizations, including the US Navy and private sector companies. At their request, NLign rapidly expanded to meet the specialized needs of carbon composite manufacturing.

In 2009, NLign Analytics became an independent division devoted exclusively to the development of data management software and related services. The company has grown quickly in response to rapidly-expanding demand from both government and private sector organizations.

With a proven track record of efficiency improvements that are already saving partners millions of dollars each year, NLign Analytics is positioned for ongoing growth for many years to come. Our near-future vision includes an expansion of the NLign platform to provide continuous improvements across the entire product life cycle.

Learn more by watching our “What is NLign?” video.